dear fellow heARTists…

welcome to a place where you will be understood, appreciated, and ideally loved and appreciated. this is a place where fellow heARTists will share the ways that they are feeling, learning and growing.

God made some people to see the sky as blue. Then there are other people (like us) who were put here to interpret the shades of blue for others, so they can appreciate them. we think differently, we relate differently, we love hard core and feel intensely. we revel in the creation, as well as the creator.

not everyone gets us right away. they don’t have to. we have to learn to find our joy and acceptance in the one that made us in his image.

we have to see prayer as an ongoing conversation with the one that loves us more than we love ourselves. we will talk more about that later.

welcome. i hope you find something that feeds your heART.

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