dance like somebody’s watching.

dawn chrisostom loves dance. she loves it so much that she started a dance school so that she could share her love of dance and love of the savior all in one fell swoop.

next weekend my five year old will have her first dance recital. she goes to a school where they use praise songs to complement the study. i have to imagine that this rocks God’s world (ha… yeah, i know, an odd phrase, but still… you know what i mean)

dance like everyone's watching when you dance to bring attention to the creator of all good things.

i came home to find her in her recital costume, before recital day… i wasn’t pleased at first. actually, at first, i thought she looked really yummy… then i stressed about the new aqua tutu being strut across the front yard… and worried that it wouldn’t make it to recital time. i made her take it off. bummer. on mother’s day i’m wondering why i  haven’t learned more…

she loves dance. she loves thinking about dance.

you know who else danced? aside from wren in footloose (and all of his converts)… yeah, that’s right, king david. the same king david inthe bloodline of our savior. david danced.

2 samuel 6:14 David, ceremonially dressed in priest’s linen, danced with great abandon before God.

i imagine that if it had been appropriate and he had had access to an aqua tutu… he might have worn it…

what will dance about today? what will you celebrate and show off your joy in a grand way to the God who made you and loves you so much?

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3 thoughts on “dance like somebody’s watching.

  1. Michelle Scheef says:

    I love Blaikie!!!! What is the name of Dawn’s studio? I also love your blog! Keep writing my hippy sista friend. Love you!

  2. Ballet & More is the dance studio that God has given me charge to run. We hve been at Prestonwood Baptist Church for the last three years, but God is moving us to a different location. Right now, that is not totally secured, but should be in the next week. What I do know is that we will be moving to The Colony.

  3. correction on the website

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