i don’t believe in air

i write sitcoms and shows for kids. one of the writers on my team, paula corbello, wrote one of my favorite scripts i have ever read or seen performed.

in the script the main character meets someone that doesn’t believe in god… because she can’t see him, touch him, feel him or hear his voice. so he must not exist right? after some madcap hijinx and other silliness… they come around to a bend in the conversation. the believer says to the doubter “well, i don’t believe in air”… the doubter says, how can you not believe in air? of course the believer says ” i can’t see it, can’t touch it, feel it or hear it, so i don’t believe in air”…. shazam.

who doesn't believe in air?

sometimes it’s hard to believe that God really cares about us and really knows what’s going on. it’s hard to believe that a loving god would let things happen that he allows to happen. but we have proof. your story, the way you know god, the evidence you see of him… that’s your story. no one can contradict your personal experience. they cannot call you a liar when you are telling of your personal experience… we know that god is real and he is there. i know because i have hope in hopeless seeming situations. i know because i have peace when i should not. i know because i have joy in the promise of eternity, when the here and now isn’t what i was expecting or wanting it to be.

how do you know that god is there?

next time someone tells you they don’t believe in god… tell them why you do… and then tell them you don’t believe in air. see what happens then! (in the script, the goth character “thorn” gets reconciled to a god that exists even though she can’t see, touch, hear or feel him… if only we could script the lives of others)

btw – paula is a writer, who is currently writing a show for prestonwood,  an orginal  children’s musical, has written for ishine knect, and currently  uses her art as a cake designer

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