who says you can’t do “clean” excellently?

the sactuary cast and crew

some of the cast and crew for sanctuary.

so… some of my favorite creatives:  Brandon Carmichael, Jason Vaile, Alan Tregoning, Chloe Moores, Lance Eakright and Candice Irion  hooked up with some friends from youplusmedia.com and totally rocked it!

we drew the category “Horror”… Jason and Alan (the writers) were totally stoked. no hesitation, whatsoever. the director, brandon, also stoked… nothing like a challenge! one of the actors and master rockin’ editor, Chris Wiegand, dir. of photography Justin Scheidt.

jason and alan spent all night writing… to hand it off to actors and a crew that would defy the odds by producing a short film in 48 hours that would wow the judges and look as professional as any movie you’ve seen. the spaces they had scouted were perfect for the genre. the actors fit the roles like a whole set of gloves, the weather held and the nice police officers allowed the use of semi-automatic weapons… for props. all in all it was a blessed event, evidenced by the BEST PICTURE award it won. next step vegas, baby.

want to know one of the reason i think this happened? we were sitting in the second floor of a small pizza place across from LaGrange in Deep Ellum… when someone asked the question ” will there be cussing”? there was a unanimous decision that this would be a horror film that would frighten and “creep out” without lowering any standards. wow! how many filmmakers would do that? the next thing… there was  a teenage actress on deck for the movie… the director called her mom and shared hte genre with her, but assured her that nothing untoward would happen with her daughter. you can see for yourself in the film that she was never put in a compromising situation, but it speaks volumes that the girl’s standards and age were considered above all else. it’s not as if there was another girl waiting in the wings had she decided not ot participate.

now, this was not a “christian” film per se. this was a film done with the personal testimonies of the artists creating it kept firmly in place. wow. humbling, right?! kudos and congrats to Sons of Thunder for their award winning Horror film “Sanctuary”.

this is a team that has been compiled and assembled over a 3 year span… how beautiful when things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. hang out with other people that love God so that you can work together with them.

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One thought on “who says you can’t do “clean” excellently?

  1. carolyn says:

    WOW! congrats for winning the “first place” AND the integrity awards!!! Thanks for doing “art” without compromise!

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