they call her love, love, love…

that’s the chorus in . but it made me think…

“wouldn’t it be great if that’s what people said about you? that you really knew how to love people.”

and that made me think…

what is the thing people notice most about me?

which made me think…

i have to ask you guys to think about what is the thing most people notice about you?

that you are kind? sensitive? loving? patient? unkind? grouchy? bossy? … this list is beginning to stress me out a little. people that were with me this weekend at a volleyball game full of sorry calls, they might say “irritable” or “outspoken” …ugh, that’s gross to think about.

the volleyball team was great. the reffing not so much, my ability to be calm and unaffected... not great at all.

now, before you get concerned and try to send me to anger management… let me tell you what actually happened. there was an inordinate amount of unbalanced “carry” calls. basically there were moments when i felt like i was watching a newcome (sp?) volleyball game (on the opposing side)… so, at one point i said rather loudly, “are you kidding me?!” not TO the ref, but i was on her end so of course she heard me, and i meant for her too… but she flipped out and threatened to give our team a techincal (this was not her first altercation with parents on our team that day…  anyway… i didnt say another word. but it was not a shining moment. i will tell you that one of the words i get alot is “laidback”… i was not, that day.

i want people to think love… love… love… i want them to be loved by me. i want them to see unreasonable supernatural love through me… because of christ in me. i want people to feel love when they are with me. i want them to trust love when they are away.

God is love. if we want to be love… we will only do so with him in us.

1 john 4:7-8 brothers, let us love one another, for love is of god and everyone that loves is born of god and knows god. he that does not love, does not know god.

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