i adore this artist…you will too.

i met an artist that i adore, richard fudge because a writer friend that i also treasure, susan isaccs (she wrote angry conversations with god – an incredibly brilliant book where susan takes God to couples’ counseling. seriously!?)  posted a photo of the painting she purchased from him. i saw the painting… and had to know more about the artist.

In following fudge, I fell in love with his main character, Chester. Chester shows you how he feels, using his chest as the mask of his heart. Richard went through a paintful experience… Chester helped Richard through it and the rest of us gained an iconic figure to share the pains and joys of daily life.

richard fudge original

Fudge did something else that amazed me… he started a prayer journal. he started mailing this journal around the country to various artists involved in ministry… i asked how i could get involved. he sent me the journal, i painted a picture and a prayer in it. it continued to go around the country. i was driving through nashville in february and finally got a chance to meet richard fudge in person… and tour his studio/gallery/place of dwelling. i heard his story.

this week it’s his turn. he’s going on a trip to meet many of the artists he has been corresponding with across the country.

two years ago i did a similar thing. i went on a friend tour. i’ll tell you more about that one day. for now… let’s think about the things that richard has done well

-used his art to bring attention to his creator

-connected with other artists

-taken action on his desire to deepen relationships.

what can you do today to bring attention to your creator? how will you connect with other artists? what can you do to deepen the relationships you have? and don’t fudge on this one!

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