don’t hold your breath

ah... who doesn't love the beach?

i’m leaving today  to go to ft. lauderdale, fl… where i grew up… for a youth group reunion. i started to think about how everytime i get closer to the beach… i feel like i can breathe better. i feel the tension lift from my shoulders. i see the vastness of god’s love for us in the tiny grains of sand that i know he has numbered. it is a cleaning and freeing place, as you watch the shore change with every tide. new sand is washed up. old sand is washed out. and the cycle continues.

when i was a senior in this youth group we went on a mission tour. in the meantime, i was having a crisis of belief… was i really a christian? my best friend of my life…wendy (hawkins) and i talked for hours and shared verses and memories and i walked away from the conversation more convinced than ever of my salvation. it would be a moment of introspection and testing that i would look back to countless times over the years to reassure myself.  do you have moments you can point to that are firm markers in your christian path that serve to encourage and sustain you when things are getting wiggy?! if so… write them down. tell the people that shared them with you.

so i was thinking of these things as preparing for the reunion. it’ll be fun. we’ll laugh. we’ll sing. we’ll worship together. but we will also celebrate a time when huge markers were placed in our lives and our legacies. we’ll pay homage to an era that shaped who we are as adult men and women. we will bring honor and glory to the god that gave us an eternal relationship.

let’s get back to the whole “dont hold your breath” thing… i realized i dont need to wait to get to the beach to breathe better. i dont need to get to a physical spot to get to a spiritual place. do it now. do it today. when i’m standing in airport security today… i will think about standing for the one who died for me.

its all about an eternal focus and correct filters. what filters do you have in place?

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