wendy, jenny, me, susan

ahhhh. friends from church

i spent the past weekend celebrating the youth group from first baptist ft. lauderdale of the 80’s and 90’s. there was a pervading theme…

heritage. spending time with godly adults and godly friends is good. spending time serving in mission fields across teh country in this case by singing in prisons and doing back yard bible clubs is good. investing in the lives of youth in good. being a youth that allowed adults to invest in you, is very good. being a positive influence is good.

we celebrated the memories and laughed at the antics and mishaps… but we also revelled in the history represented in the room. the families that guided the ship, and the students that jumped in and paddled, too. the youth leaders and church leadership that guided with a biblical rudder… all resulted in a large group of people that have gone on to impact the kingdom of god for the sake of god.

adults: be involved. love students. give time and resources to the programs of your church. make a difference in lives that will last 25+ years… eternal difference.

students: be involved. respect adults. give time and effort to the programs of your church. make a difference in lives and allow a difference to happen in your own life that you will never forget.

we recalled songs that had been sung throughout the years… everyone pitched in and sang the harmony in all the right places.

as a parent i left knowing this…. the church is crucial to the heart of my children. friends made who share christ are eternal friends.

i left grateful for a heritage that included this church experience in my history…. wow. awesome.

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One thought on “heritage=history=awesome.

  1. Michelle says:

    I knew you would have an awesome time!!!! So glad you did!!!

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