austin-tacious … i’ve neglected something.

austin-taciousyesterday i got to take an unexpected one day road trip with my bff to austin,tx.

while she was taking a deposition i was escorted around the city by a friend from college.

my heart was aching for a camera. my soul was getting filled to brimming by the sites and sounds i was absorbing. my thirst was getting quenched.

the trailer park eatery (small eatiries are nestled among a traditional looking “trailer park”. threadgills (a historic venue where stevie ray vaughn and willie nelson used to play. 6th street. the warehouse district. south lamar… the list goes on)

we listened to a song at threadgills by performer betty soo (i think she was probably betty sue but thought “soo” looked cooler!) i can’t adequately explain how highly shootable i found the experience. every corner had something interesting to look at… it was great to be hanging out with someone who loves the art of things too.

then on the drive home, an impormptu stop in waco uncovered such delights as common ground coffee shop/outdoor venue and harts & crafts, a house whose rooms seem to go on forever, revealing new treasures around each turn.

when i got in the car i realized something…. i dont spend enough time around new things and spaces that will inspire me. the fact that i didnt realize how thirsty i was for creative fodder until i tasted those drops of genius yesterday, pointed out to me how i had neglected the space inside that requires me to see and experience new things. i have a hunger and thirst for creative inspiration. it is inate. and it is true. and it comes from god. he has given me an insatiable desire for creativity.

i will be deliberately searching inspiration and then taking action with the things i see and experience.

what will you do today to find creative inspiration?

what do you do already to keep your mind fresh?

2 thoughts on “austin-tacious … i’ve neglected something.

  1. oh how I LOVE common ground and harts and crafts!! lots of memories there from the college days!

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