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the “long” and short of it

Lake Island Tree House

Lake Island Tree House

this was my first sunday in treehouse.

you know that thing where you are about to give someone something really great and how excited you are to see their face when you do?

that’s what i saw yesterday in the parents’ faces at long hollow when they were dropping off their kids at any of our treehouses… it’s like they have provided an experience for them that they know they are going to love.

i love that.

last week i posed a question on facebook: what’s so cool about a treehouse?

i was so grateful for the answers and will implement some of the concepts that were written into the memories.

pronto… i want to figure out how to implement the bucket/pulley retrieval system idea (thank you lisa)… i’m thinking prayer requests …

the treehouses are already functioning successfullly, its more about how to enhance the existing fabric of things… and supporting the incredible volunteers that are guiding these kids through the elements of worship, exhibitting a love for christ that takes action each week as they serve. that humbles me dramatically.

i’m going to be looking for more volunteers… looking for ways to make things go smoothly for those who have been serving already… and praying, ALOT…

what a “long” (hollow) strange trip it’s been…

long hollow service

long hollow service

so… if you’re wondering what took us to goodlettsville, tn and long hollow baptist church … let me share with you what a not-really-that-long trip it has been.

if you remember, in february my writing team and i went to nashville to shoot our show, ishine KNECT.

brandon carmichael and i had a friend that lived there, one of them was shane sisk… shane was coming to visit us at the studio and sent his friend jason underhill, children’s minister at long hollow, to check it out, too and to meet us.

jason came at a time that paula corbello and i were just hanging out. he started talking about what he was looking for at his church. i assured him that i could help him find what he was looking for… he has some great vision and ideas and needed additional  creative man-power to put them into action.

i sent him names. we talked about ideas…. for a few months.

ultimately he said… just send me your resume.

i resisted, unsure that i was ready to commit to full-time church work. unsure that i was the best option for the job.

i sent it in the beginning of june.

we went for a visit.

-the bible story that weekend was about giving god the glory for your good works, and not squandering the gifts he has given you.

-two days later devotion i did was with my creative team was on the same verses, same concepts

-i realized God intended for me to do a big job for him and use all that he had equipped me for in the past 15 years. i realized it would be disobedience not to do this at long hollow.

i went back for a second visit.

-my son had an emergency appendectomy while i was in tennessee. the calls and texts from people from long hollow were consistent and caring.

-some interesting things to point out

my new boss was my high school youth pastor

my son will be playing football on a team that he coaches

my friend from high school, shane sisk, the one i mentioned before,  is a student pastor at longhollow. his wife, kristen, and i have been friends since 5th grade. he will be quint’s student pastor next year.

quint and jackson will be at the same school

kavi and blaikie will be at the same school

our friend and guitar instructor, ryan coatney, from prestonwood (who is now serving at FBC Goodlettsville) lives here and we can pick up where we left off musically and creatively.

the list goes on… and mostly i wanted to share some of the facts of the move to show you our trail.

-i started today. it was great.

house-about that?!

new house

new house

after two days and alot of houses we found a home. this place has enough room to play all the sports we want to play and all the room we need to have you come to visit. just let us know when you’re passing through or coming just to see us!!

terry alexander was patient and kind… and saw right through me. he could tell in 2 seconds how i felt about each house. i have been called “saran” wrap – “see-through”… and that’s cool with me.

however, i was thinking about that today – is the Jesus in me as obvious as my own opinions?

am i so transparent that he is what you see? or is it human me? does someone know where i stand by 2 seconds of looking at my face. i think that’s something i’m going to be focusing on.

do people see Jesus in you?

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pack it up… and move on out

we are packing… getting ready for a big move… to a specific area (nashville), but not a specific city(hendersonville? goodlettsville? gallatin?)… without a specific house… or specific schedule.

how fun is that?! who gets to do that when they are 37? not too many people.

i do have a specific job, however… children’s creative position at longhollow baptist church in hendersonville, tn.

longhollow baptist

longhollow baptist

i’m pretty stoked about the whole thing. although, i’m also sad. sad to leave people behind. stoked to go toward opportunities and new experiences.

my mom has been awesome to allow us to stay at her house for the past 10 months. we thought it would be less… so the clothes have stayed in bags, partially hung… etc. dont know what we would’ve done without her love and kindness… hospitality. there will definitely be withdrawal.

knowing that God has a plan doesnt mean we know what it is… can’t wait to find out… interested to see the paths he decides to take us on.

fyi… i hate packing. my brain really doesn’t enjoy the necessary order that goes along with it… how do you feel about packing?

oh for the love …

we call it camp netterville

we call it camp netterville

of family.

and soldiers.

and any excuse to celebrate the ties that bind.

we had our annual july 4th family reunion… this was the 8th year. instead of fireworks we had live music. there is nothing like live music to make the party jump. it was unreal. humbling. beautiful. we had classic rock and blue grass artists working together to create a memory for our family….

what music soothes your soul?

what music brings a smile to your face, and forces you to dance.

the first bars of “unchained melody” were played… and some couples were drawn to the dance floor like a moth to a flame… love glowed. music flowed…. wow.

grateful for indepenence. joy. family. love. what are you grateful for?