pack it up… and move on out

we are packing… getting ready for a big move… to a specific area (nashville), but not a specific city(hendersonville? goodlettsville? gallatin?)… without a specific house… or specific schedule.

how fun is that?! who gets to do that when they are 37? not too many people.

i do have a specific job, however… children’s creative position at longhollow baptist church in hendersonville, tn.

longhollow baptist

longhollow baptist

i’m pretty stoked about the whole thing. although, i’m also sad. sad to leave people behind. stoked to go toward opportunities and new experiences.

my mom has been awesome to allow us to stay at her house for the past 10 months. we thought it would be less… so the clothes have stayed in bags, partially hung… etc. dont know what we would’ve done without her love and kindness… hospitality. there will definitely be withdrawal.

knowing that God has a plan doesnt mean we know what it is… can’t wait to find out… interested to see the paths he decides to take us on.

fyi… i hate packing. my brain really doesn’t enjoy the necessary order that goes along with it… how do you feel about packing?

One thought on “pack it up… and move on out

  1. Michelle Scheef says:

    My thought on packing:

    My heart (and Tanner’s heart) will be packed in one of those boxes and will be going to Nashville.

    Please open the box on occasion. Don’t stick it in the attic and let it become dusty. Put it on a bookshelf and open it when you need a friend. We love you so very much!!!!!!!

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