house-about that?!

new house

new house

after two days and alot of houses we found a home. this place has enough room to play all the sports we want to play and all the room we need to have you come to visit. just let us know when you’re passing through or coming just to see us!!

terry alexander was patient and kind… and saw right through me. he could tell in 2 seconds how i felt about each house. i have been called “saran” wrap – “see-through”… and that’s cool with me.

however, i was thinking about that today – is the Jesus in me as obvious as my own opinions?

am i so transparent that he is what you see? or is it human me? does someone know where i stand by 2 seconds of looking at my face. i think that’s something i’m going to be focusing on.

do people see Jesus in you?

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5 thoughts on “house-about that?!

  1. Memorina Edwin Barnes says:


    You inspire me..I wish I could be more like you…love this site!!

  2. g hud smith says:

    like u’r house…..and your mussings (is that a word?)

  3. rbcphotogirl says:

    so… totally didnt buy that house. did i ever clarify, i wonder?

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