what a “long” (hollow) strange trip it’s been…

long hollow service

long hollow service

so… if you’re wondering what took us to goodlettsville, tn and long hollow baptist church … let me share with you what a not-really-that-long trip it has been.

if you remember, in february my writing team and i went to nashville to shoot our show, ishine KNECT.

brandon carmichael and i had a friend that lived there, one of them was shane sisk… shane was coming to visit us at the studio and sent his friend jason underhill, children’s minister at long hollow, to check it out, too and to meet us.

jason came at a time that paula corbello and i were just hanging out. he started talking about what he was looking for at his church. i assured him that i could help him find what he was looking for… he has some great vision and ideas and needed additional  creative man-power to put them into action.

i sent him names. we talked about ideas…. for a few months.

ultimately he said… just send me your resume.

i resisted, unsure that i was ready to commit to full-time church work. unsure that i was the best option for the job.

i sent it in the beginning of june.

we went for a visit.

-the bible story that weekend was about giving god the glory for your good works, and not squandering the gifts he has given you.

-two days later devotion i did was with my creative team was on the same verses, same concepts

-i realized God intended for me to do a big job for him and use all that he had equipped me for in the past 15 years. i realized it would be disobedience not to do this at long hollow.

i went back for a second visit.

-my son had an emergency appendectomy while i was in tennessee. the calls and texts from people from long hollow were consistent and caring.

-some interesting things to point out

my new boss was my high school youth pastor

my son will be playing football on a team that he coaches

my friend from high school, shane sisk, the one i mentioned before,  is a student pastor at longhollow. his wife, kristen, and i have been friends since 5th grade. he will be quint’s student pastor next year.

quint and jackson will be at the same school

kavi and blaikie will be at the same school

our friend and guitar instructor, ryan coatney, from prestonwood (who is now serving at FBC Goodlettsville) lives here and we can pick up where we left off musically and creatively.

the list goes on… and mostly i wanted to share some of the facts of the move to show you our trail.

-i started today. it was great.


6 thoughts on “what a “long” (hollow) strange trip it’s been…

  1. Joanie says:

    Amazing how God works and leads you along the way! That has happened to us (and is happening each day as we wait to see where God will lead) so many times in the past. I love to hear stories of God’s hand working in our lives! I know you’ll do great! Every character in the Bible always thought he/she wasn’t the right person. I heard tonight at Bible Study, “God doesn’t call the qualified person, He qualifies the called person.” Continuing to pray for you all!

  2. g hudson smith says:

    fantastic trip girl!…….for a fantastic girl. Thats a great community and isn’t it the home of Goodies stores? Best to u always….ghs

  3. Frances Blount Tullar says:

    Robyn – This is the first I’ve heard of your exploits — you know, since you were younger in Pompano. Your parents did a wonderful job God job and I am proud of you. We now live in Chattanooga, so welcome to TN. Will pray for you as you start your new assignment for Him. Much love to you — and your Mom.

  4. Alicia Horst says:

    Don’t you love it when God does that?

    Praying that everyday at your job is a great one and gives you unlimited opportunities to use and ENJOY the AMAZING talents God has given you!

    love u

  5. Lucie Davis says:

    So, now I know what you are doing in TN! Sounds like an awesome job & ministry. May God bless your work there.

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