the “long” and short of it

Lake Island Tree House

Lake Island Tree House

this was my first sunday in treehouse.

you know that thing where you are about to give someone something really great and how excited you are to see their face when you do?

that’s what i saw yesterday in the parents’ faces at long hollow when they were dropping off their kids at any of our treehouses… it’s like they have provided an experience for them that they know they are going to love.

i love that.

last week i posed a question on facebook: what’s so cool about a treehouse?

i was so grateful for the answers and will implement some of the concepts that were written into the memories.

pronto… i want to figure out how to implement the bucket/pulley retrieval system idea (thank you lisa)… i’m thinking prayer requests …

the treehouses are already functioning successfullly, its more about how to enhance the existing fabric of things… and supporting the incredible volunteers that are guiding these kids through the elements of worship, exhibitting a love for christ that takes action each week as they serve. that humbles me dramatically.

i’m going to be looking for more volunteers… looking for ways to make things go smoothly for those who have been serving already… and praying, ALOT…

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