why they call it the volunteer state

backstage family

backstage family

so… its no secret if you know me that the collins family are alabama fans. roll tide roll.

and the fact that the school colors, hence the football jersey that quint will wear for the next 5 years is navy and orange… is just funny.

but football aside (as if that is an actual possibility?)… but seriously… this is not about tennessee football, or even alabama football for that matter. this is about the reason i think the name VOLUNTEER STATE fits so perfectly.

i had a meeting last night with 15 volunteers from a satellite campus – white house.

last week i had a meeting with the childrens creative volunteers from another satellite campus – gallatin

the week before that i had a meeting with leadership of all teams… and this coming friday we will have volunteer training “midnight train”…

i have been astounded, amazed, impressed and blessed by the hearts to serve that i have been meandering through. people that love a program and children so much that they are commited every week to making sure that an eternal message is  delivered by the  most effective means available.

so when i think of tennessee being the volunteer state… i will think of these people. this team. this growing organism that is the long hollow childrens ministry. dare i say i’m proud to be a tennessee volunteer… (ha… )


2 thoughts on “why they call it the volunteer state

  1. Schmitty says:

    All Texans should have big hearts for the good people of Tennessee, because they were some of the only “volunteers” to respond to the distress call in the battle at The Alamo. So it’s great to see that nothing changes! Well, lets hope you’re not backed up in an old spanish mission fending off bad guys!

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