the art of the matter

i drive around and i long for a camera. i want to find a way to capture for others the things i see. i want to share the majesty of a cracked board, glistening with silver from age and dew drops rolling down its side. i want to explain to you how it makes me feel to inhale air that has taste and texture to it. i want to find the words to explain what it’s like to lean down and kiss the top of my daughter’s head. i want to explain the way i see things, and make sure that no one misses the marvelous nature of the intricate nature we have been allowed to hang out in. i long to find the words to express love that never fails. i wish for you to taste colors, like i do… not taste the same as i taste them, but taste them for yourself. i wish for you to have joy in a phrase or expression. i hope for you to see the tender mercies of God that happen all day every day in different ways.

i think those things are some of the reasons people call me “creative”…
i would contend that we are all creative, just in different ways…
i’m am humbly grateful that God has allowed me to be creative in these ways. i submit that i would have none of it, if he did not give it to me. no thought or great idea that he did not orginate. no initiative or ministry idea that was original to me. the author of life is allowing me right now to put feet to the words he has placed in my heart and in my mind and in the people that share with me… may i never abuse this gift and this opportunity to bring him honor. may we marvel at his creation and be grateful for our part in his work.

including a video that we wrote to encourage volunteers to have cheerful hearts: written by me; shot and edited by josh hall


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