i witnessed a miracle yesterday…

you wouldn’t believe me unless you saw it… but something insane happened in little treehouse yesterday…

little treehouse is a place where kinder and 1st graders come to worship God in a multi-media worship experience. a host welcomes them and guides them through the time. a praise team comes to bring the truths of the bible through song, a puppet(s) teach lessons through applications and videos help round out the experience… something for everyone. it’s all written,  planned, staged, prepped for, prayed about, ..

sometimes, they come just for an experience.

apparently, there are days when you are in kindergarten or first grade and you hear music, you are apt to lose your mind. yesterday started out as one of these days.

when this happens… you don’t want to listen to the adults around you. oft times you do what you want to do (because lets face it … most of them are still run by the sin nature)… alas… it can get hairy (wow, that’s an old lady word) but let me tell you, it can get hairy in there.

THEN… amidst the chaos –

there was peace… and listening… and worshipping… WHAT?!!!!

only moments before it happened, there was a havoc being wreaked (is it allowed to say it like that?!).

mayhem abounded… cats and dogs living together… it was hysteria.

then we brought in the boundaries, we guided the kids to stay in their seats, but raise their hearts and voices. we helped them with guidelines that they could manage… then the praise team began to lead them in HERE I AM TO WORSHIP… and HOLY COW!!!!! the holy spirit was clearly there. their little minds and bodies stilled while they sang in sweet and tender voices this beautiful song. it was truly a miracle. no less than the parting of the red sea… i’m just saying!!! God was hanging out in treehouse this weekend… and we are grateful.

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2 thoughts on “i witnessed a miracle yesterday…

  1. carolyn says:

    what a beautiful picture of the moving of the Holy Spirit….thanks for letting the rest of us “hang out in Treehouse” vicariously today!

  2. I love your Treehouse logo. we have a ministry we are just beginning and I was wondering if i could have your permission to use your treehouse logo.

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