creatively speaking…

we are compelled to give, go, sacrifice, grow and by his love

my creative process. what does it look like?

well… first of all, there are more than one processes… for sure. that being said, i’m going to share a few ways that i like to start planning something. and inevitably, i’ll spin out on some other stuff that will hopefully somehow connect back…

usually a creative process starts with a problem…

somebody wants to communicate something very specific, and needs to find the most efficient and worthwhile method. they come to me for help. (sometimes i’m the somebody that wants to communicate something… so i don’t have to go far)

1. identify the message/problem/desired outcome

2. identify the audience (women? children? college athletes? etc)

3. consider how that audience likes to receive information. (digitally? print? video?)

4. take your brain to that place (for example, if i’m planning a children’s show, i think about the shows kids are already watching, i break down the characters they like and dont like, i read blogs and watch shows, i talk to kids in my demographic, i ask them questions and keep their comments handy)…. some people would call this RESEARCH… but that doesnt’ sound as fun as “take your brain to that place”… so.

5. record your ideas – this may be on index cards, post it notes, a notepad (i like to have lots of notepads around, so i can keep ideas for one concept in one place that is mobile, tactile, and accessible when i’m sitting around but may not have my computer.

6. find people to work with that are not joy-killers. don’t allow negativism to infiltrate into your creative process. (i’ll be honest, occasionally i’m the one that can be that person – bringing too much realism into the beginning of the process, pointing out the impossibilities instead of the possibilities)

*one of my favorite things in life is a brainstorming session… preferably open ended time-wise. i love to share ideas and thoughts with other people. i love to get the instant feedback that comes from working with a team. i love feeling like i’m not an island and that i’m not the only one that thinks the product is good. i like having an alliance of creatives that can back up the work together.

this is one example of one way to approach many things…

what are you creative process tips and tricks?

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