i was asked how a journalism major could help in ministry… hahaha…

robyn in her natural state

in my natural state

this was my response:

i understand you have some questions, i’ll tell you some thing that i’ve learned over the years…
if you can write and design and be creative you can help your ministry in a multitude of ways. you become a multipurpose team member. you can’t imagine how many times the skills you learn with a jmc (journalism/mass communications) major will come into play. frankly, if you can learn those tools, you can become a valuable member to any team. however, even more so in a ministry setting where the resources will be tighter and the stewardship will be key, it is an advantage to have a team member that can do many things.

i use what i learned at samford in the jmc program every single day of my life.
from branding whole ministries, to designing curriculum, to preparing speeches, writing drama and video elements… the list is endless.
for example, today: i am writing a pilot episode for a new sitcom, i designed a christmas ticket for a women’s minsitry, i designed a new logo for a friend’s social media business. tomorrow: i will distribute cue sheets and call sheets for actors, i will produce take home devotionals for sunday school experiences. i recently created a logo for a students ministry girls retreat….

i cant stress to you enough how helpful, useful and worthwhile a degree in JMC is in the ministry world.

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