families should eat

food for families...

while “branding” our new ministry initiative @longhollow there were interesting names bandied about. (wow… that sounds old) but ultimately it came down to … instead of “hope for the hungry” we decided to focus on who we were serving. families. families that need food. families that might not have food for thanksgiving. that is ministry. meeting needs. honoring people as people. loving them in hopes that they will see the love of the one we serve.

why was the branding important?
first we have to agree that branding is not inherently about commercialism or capitalism or any other ism… it is about giving people something they can get their hooks in. giving them something that gives a clear message, but is also compelling. identifying quickly the point we are trying to make. (why some of us really love twitter – clear concise messages) it also promotes focus. when we know clearly what the goal is… its easier to make sure our steps are headed in that direction.
food for families is not about pity or feeling bad for others… its about believing that families should have food.
that’s a pretty clear focus.
i was honored to be allowed to help brand the long hollow initiative of providing needs.


One thought on “families should eat

  1. Michelle says:

    You are awesome!

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