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one is the loneliest number

jackson backstage... her second favorite place

kavi is finding the music within her

consider this…

if you are a basketball player, as you grow up you can play pick up games anywhere you see a net.

if you are a golfer you can play with people or solo as long as you can walk.

if you are a performing artist… a dancer, singer, actor… you don’t really have that luxury. what are you gonna do, call your friends up and say “hey, wanna come over and watch me perform?”
no… of course not.

yet, you have these gifts, these talents that you need to share. you were designed to share. you are blessed and others are blessed when you share.
what is the solution?

in my corner of the world… you would email me and talk about ways to use your talents to benefit the kids of Long Hollow.
you would attend the monthly actor’s workshops that we are starting this weekend… “LONG HOLLOW heARTists”
you would go to gerald trottman’s vocal workshops.

if you live near us… find out how you too can be involved.
if you dont live near me but think this concept of providing an environment for people to use their talents and play in their hobbies… get in touch… i’ll be happy to help you organize something like this.

the idea was given to me by god to minister to the artists.
when i started this blog i wasn’t sure why i was compelled to reach artists specifically… now i’m beginning to see a tiny glimpse of some of the why…
god has a plan. he wants his people to be encouraged and undergirded in their quest to bring him worship through the performing arts…