bethlehem, we have a situation

Tonite we did something new in treehouse. new for me, anyway… and to tell you the truth… i wasn’t sure how it was going to go. i had high hopes. i had great expectations… and then i had kids who cant really read very well… reading the lines i had so carefully and prayerfully crafted.

we ran a 3 scene, 13 character show… with only one actor. (narrator).
the remaining parts were played by kids from the audience. the peanut gallery were given chants, motions and actions to create participation with the audience.

now, i will tell you, its tough to hear your lines delivered by 7 yr olds that can barely read the word “messiah”… and you’re feeling yourself pushing them forward… and you hope the kids are getting it, even though these aren’t actual actors… and then something like this happens:

i looked out into the crowd (after i had to join the characters on stage to help with some reading) and saw all of them standing when we said the word “star”, baa-ing when we said the word “shepherds” and flapping their wings when the angels were talking. YAY! They like it… they are having fun. then…. IT HAPPENED…
the oldest boy in the room told the teacher “IT WAS AWESOME”.

ah. nice.

got in the car with my own kids, who also happened to enjoy the experience… it allowed the younger kids in treehouse to “act”. and it spurred this conversation. i heard myself say, “the thing that makes me the most concerned, the thing that makes me hold my breath each weekend before we start a show… is that kids would be bored with the truth of the gospel because of the way we present it.”

two thoughts followed that realization
1 – good, that’s a good goal, to keep it interesting. i’m glad to name it.
B – am i pretending for even a moment that it is me that has to compel kids? am i presuming that God needs me to help him? am i making sure never to put myself above my God when it comes to what i expect from any given weekend…

whew. praying that kids will crave the gospel, and that i will not stand in His way…thankful i’m allow to be his vehicle sometimes.

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