“i plagierized the bible”

my friend rachel lovingood was telling a story last night that was awesome… and convicting… and beautiful!!

her son, trevor, is in college at university of tennessee. his philosophy professor recently gave him a zero for plagierism. this was impossible because trevor didnt use any sources. none. he wrote from his personal knowledge.

apparently the computer had picked up on content that came from a source… well, the source, you guessed it, was the bible.

and not because trevor had taken things from the bible, but because trevor’s thought life and real life are so intertwined with the word of god that when he wrote his original paper… so much of it was straight from scripture.

wow… if someone listened to your conversation, read your emails, read your papers, your blog posts … would you be accused of plagierizing the bible!?!

sidebar: the professor, who is an athiest, regraded the paper, but took 15% off because he hadn’t cited his source originally… so trevor got an 85%.

long hollow women are doing a one year chronological read through the bible discipleship starting in january… its called THE WHOLE TRUTH… i’m pretty sure this is a discipleship opportunity that trevor would’ve said yes too.

One thought on ““i plagierized the bible”

  1. Michelle says:

    and nothing but the TRUTH!

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