so… do you like texas or tennessee better?

best ice in texas

larry's - best ice in texas

i’m back in texas for the first time since moving to tennesee in this summer.

the questions i’m getting are how do you like your new church? your kids, how do they like the schools? how is your job? you know… that kind of thing… but the other question that no one adds… but surely is hanging there…is DO YOU LIKE TEXAS OR TENNESSEE BETTER… and the translation is:  “if it’s so great, and you love your church and your kids are happy, even your teenager… do you miss us even a little bit?!”

the answer of course is YES, absolutely YES. i wish i had infinite amounts of time to see everyone and spend time just hanging out… absorbing… catching up… that kind of thing.

i do miss my people here. in texas. i do miss the memories and laughs…and especially the ice at Larry’s diner. oh, how i love that crushed ice. its ridiculous!! i miss the excellent shopping… the numerous movie places (esp. angelika!!).  i miss the size, the options, the big breath between each thing that you see. there is space here in texas. there is room. that is nice. its easy to get lost in the crowd. its easy to keep to yourself if you want too. the places to go are limitless…. if you live here… i know why you love it and you have such state pride, i totally get it. it’s a great place to live.

but what i miss is the people, not the state.

at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters anyway – people, relationships, loving others, “doing life” ha… i’m laughing at the way that it sounds… but seriously. that’s the deal. thats’ the meaning of life on earth… loving and being loved in return. relating to others. pouring into others, and when you need the refreshment of the overflow it will be there to be poured back out on you… obviously the “meaning to our lives” happens when we worship and bring praise to the God that gives us life.

the thoughts are all over the place… i hope you see space in the discussion to breathe and let yourself think about what it means. how are relationships the only states that really matter? how are people more important than places? why do we need to make effort to add to our own lives connecting with others? all that and more…

i like anyplace that my people are.


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