love filter, what?!

why cant we all just get along?

why cant we all just get along

its a new year. chance to think about new things. start new initiatives. decide on new resolutions… you know the drill.

this is what i want to think about… being nice to everybody.

this sounds, at first glance, kind of touchy feely, earthy, karma-ish… dont be scared of that… esp. if you are a christian and have been taught since birth to run from anything that might approach something that sounds “eastern-religion-ish”… embrace the concept.

recognize that “EVERYBODY SHOULD LIKE EVERYBODY”… it is totally in line with the very biblical themes like this:  God is Love, Love One another, don’t judge, lest ye be judged…

BUT, let’s talk about LIKE vs. LOVE. we have to love people… but it’s harder work to like them, sometimes. If you look at people through something i like to call a LOVE FILTER.

if i’m being redundant forgive me, we might not have talked about the love filter before. this is what i mean by a LOVE FILTER:

this is when you listen to others expecting them to be speaking to you out of love… you hear things differently. for example, if someone says to me, “really, 3 diet cokes today, really?” i have a choice to hear it two different ways. i can hear it as a judgement on my actions, or i can hear it as a loving concern for my health. it is all about putting a love filter in place when i listen.

then there is the love filter when i’m talking. am i saying things through a love filter… am i talking to others (esp. my kids) in a way that i would want to be talked to.

then there is the eternal love filter… we love, because he first loved us. if we can remember these two things:

1 – he loves us enough to allow his son to die for us.

2- he loves them too, and expects us to treat others like they are his.

i would contend that if we employ a LOVE FILTER in place when we speak and when we listen… we might be able to get here: where everybody likes everybody… even if they have to do it through a love filter.

so… not sure its a NEW thought… but let the LOVE FILTER be the new thing that you employ this year…

2 thoughts on “love filter, what?!

  1. cblaikie says:

    “loved” this one!

  2. […] they know your heart and know that you are coming from a place of love. (i’ve mentioned the love filter before). if you have invested enough time, then even when you use a certain tone, the person […]

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