an altar of uncut stones

wow. i’m writing a devotion and lesson about joshua and the israellite people and i just read something that i saw new for the first time…

according to what had been told them, they built an altar of uncut stones… something untouched by iron.

i love that. something raw. and unaltered. it made me think about how God accepts us like that… raw and uncut, as he designed us.

in our ruff hewn state, i believe his glory and originality is revealed. the crevices and weathering are his doing… we are made to worship him… like the uncut stones, that was there job. and it is ours. so thankful for this thought today.

what thought are you grateful for today?

One thought on “an altar of uncut stones

  1. Casey says:

    I love that too! God just continues to reveal how thoughtful, detailed, creative, and loving He is! Thanks for sharing!

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