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the quinella of social media

quinella... but not really what i'm talking about.

i love social media. i love reading the blogs of others. i love connecting with like minded people. i love showing my support of someone’s jam by clicking “Like” “digg” “share”. i love being able to share things that are impacting me.

last night, i joked with someone i was connecting with that we should complete the quinella of social media (i dont actually mean five different venues, just more than a trifecta, which would’ve been three (facebook, twitter, linkedin)).

sometimes, its like a treasure hunt, you click through on things and end up finding things you might never have located otherwise, and when you do – it’s like HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!

especially as a creative, i’m often looking for inspiration, new ideas, new ways to see things and looking for ways to support my friends’ efforts.

other times, however… it can mess with my head. it can make me feel like i’m not active enough online  (really? because i spend ALOT of time utilizing the tools available on the internet to do all the things i said above). more than that, it can make me feel like i’m not as active as others, so i’m losing ground. losing ground for what, you ask. i think i know.

i read a post yesterday from Blain Hogan about being around people that push you. I’m choosing a thought process today.

Instead of allowing myself to let the endless supply of blogs and writers make me feel a futility in continuing to contribute to the wonderful world of words and new ideas… I’ll consider each one an encouragement to continue. Another blog I read, spurred me on. so i tweeted about it. then i read more and found myself “Digging” something… the best things about it is that you can find inspiration as long as you want to look for it – and it’s there… but then, at the end of the day, what are you going to do about it? how is it going to inspire you?

you write about it, duh.

hopelessly devoted…

did you know whoville is in the middle of thailand?

so. just got back from thailand. something was tripping me out… aside from this fetching hat i’m wearing on the photo to the right, with my friend holly bieber. (though, let’s all agree cindy lou-who would love to get her hands on this one)… but now for the big lesson.

in thailand, your nationality is almost synonymous with your religion. the language, the customs, the architecture…everything relates back to Buddha. when the thai helpers taught us the traditional greetings, they bowed their heads as they said “sabadi-kaaaaa” (totally phonetic, i have no idea how to spell this), they folded their hands. we asked the significance, they said BUDDHA. same with many of their cultural norms.

for our week, we had 5 thai helpers with us: Fa, Wah, Nim, Ae, and Pang (not “Bang”, she told us). all 5 of these college students were also buddhists. we had opportunities all week to share the truth and light with them through the things we shared with the kids in shine camp.

sidebar: one of the other ladies with us was in tears as she explained that she had spent years sharing with other thai people and for us to have that much access to them was incredible… we saw that these 5 were the evangelistic portion of our trip. the rest was providing retreat for families in the midst of the WORK.

Back to the lesson i learned – the nationality of these thai people is so tied up with their religion that it is one and the same. essentially, if you are thai, you are buddhist. i thought how sad and how distant is our separation of our nationality with our christianity. our greetings do not incorporate our faith. our words are not God-focused. our daily life patterns are not automatically directed by our relationship with God… how sad that these thai people would be so devoted to their false God that it infiltrates everything they do… more so than we are devoted to our true God. may our God infiltrate everything we do.

second sidebar:by the end of the week, all 5 women were raising their hands in praise, singing along to the veggies and other songs, opening bibles, etc. none of them made decisions, but all of them were exposed to the truth. one of them has a brother who is a believer, maybe he will be used in their call to Christ. pray for wa, fah, ae, nim and pang (not bang).

then pray for your family… that your way of life would be so aligned with your relationship wtih Christ, that they would be one thing…

10 days to SHINE

so. i’m going on a trip, as you might now.

to run a creative arts camp for some kids in thailand.

here is what i shared with the people about the team i’m coming with:  and can i say that i couldnt be more excited!

I’m (Robyn Collins) going to give you my personal view on the team and why God was so kind when heallowed us to bring who he is allowing us to bring.

Henry Bieber – he is serving as the pastor speaker at this conference. at our campus he serves as thecampus counselor with a very impassioned heart for seeing life-change in people. he has kindness andunderstanding that humble me every time we have a conversation. he will pour love and nourishmentinto the members of your group, as well as sound biblical teaching and truth. i have seen him do this andit is remarkable. what a bonus that the oldest group of kids will have him as their “person” throughoutthe week. the biebers

Holly Bieber – she is the wife of Henry, and one of the most creative people i know. she works as adecorator, but uses unusual items to create beautiful art. she shops at thrift stores and habitat forhumanities outlets. she is wise, kind, patient, and regularly puts herself in the role of “dishwasher”(meaning, she wil do whatever is needed without thinking it is below her) and serves alongside herhusband with grace and passion. she will lead the art experiences and WOW… she will make thespiritual applications while teaching and guiding kids to see the beauty of who they are. the biebers have two sons in college.

Jason Dyba – he is the worship leader, and one of the most unbelievable musicians i have ever known.he is humble, yet brilliant. he is creative, yet diligent and methodical. he is an extremely accomplishedsong writer and creative director. he creates worship experiences that would take your breath away.when i knew he was coming on the trip, there was no way i was going to let these kids miss out on theopportunity to learn with him. they will have the gift of writing a song with him… if my own kids couldhave 4 days and 45 minutes a day to do music with jason, it would be an unbelievable blessing. he isincredibly humble about his talent and his gifts. he is in his late twenties and single.

Jeff Lemmonds – our a/v genius with the heart of gold. jeff and his wife (who is a school librarian) haveseason passes to disney world. he loves story. and he loves making things come alive. he is a geniuswhen it comes to technical things but also extremely humble about the things that he holds in his brain.for the most part jeff will be hanging pretty close to the main adult stuff, running a/v. you will noticethat he never makes anyone feel stupid for what they do not know and he will help with patience andkindness. when we get to have him in SHINE Camp we will be glad for it, but i also know that with himhelping in the adult group things will go as smoothly as they possibly could. he is in his twenties and theyare currently trying to have their first child.

Emily Roberts – in her day job, she works for lifeway in the church music department. at long hollow sheserves every week as a worship leader in childrens ministry with kindergarten and first graders. she wasthe first person on board for this trip. she has an unbelieveable heart for what we are doing. she hasraised enough support by selling cookbooks and other things that she contacted me to find out who elseneeded help paying for this trip. she proceeded to give her bonus to one of our team members so thathe would be able to come. she has a calm nature and giving spirit. that’s why i put her with your girls 5-10.
John Ball – John is a retired military veteran. He is an IT expert, yet he plays the bass in the worship bandfor Jason on a regular basis. He has two children in college. one is studying to be a forest ranger. i dontremember what the other one is studying. he is a tall, gentle, kind red-haired man who will serve whereneeded. He is in his 40’s.

Gary Jennings – Gary also works for Lifeway in their purchasing department. He plays the keyboard ona regular basis for Jason. He is very thorough and on task. He has been doing alot of research aboutThailand and the area and will be up to the task of leading humbly and with wisdom. He is in his 50’s.
Tiffany Hostetler – sister to Brent Hostetler (GCC) working with the Xiasha team in Hangzhou. Sherecently graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.She spent one summer specifically taking care of a 5 month old and watches small babies at her clubtoo. She has a servant spirit and will be working in the baby room.

ME – I moved to Long Hollow from Prestonwood in texas last summer. Since arriving here i have beenconstantly amazed at the heart for missions that exists in our church in middle tennessee. we honorthose who commit their lives to it. I serve as the Children’s Treehouse Minister, which means I’m thecreative minister for Long Hollow Kidz. Basically I write dramas and video concepts for kids that wesee each week. I have written a show for kids for Smile of a Child network, which we will be sharingwith your kids. It can be seen every Saturday on TBN here in the states. I have been a graphic designer,curriculum writer and author over the years. I host a monthly actor’s workshop as a communityoutreach and church body inreach, and have helped run multiple creative arts camps over my years inchildrens ministry. I have 4 kids, 1 husband, 1 dog.

so… you see… this is a unique set of gifts, talents, and passions that this particular team is bringing… itseemed obvious to me what we should do with your kids. i have thought about this backwards, forwardsand inside out… made lists and charts and rearranged and arranged kids. and i’ve prayed. and i’vehad friends praying that we would be wise and do God’s best things. but we are all flexible. teachable.willing. i can assure you that any adjustments that need to be made to make it better … we will be thefirst ones to say “let’s change it”