the quinella of social media

quinella... but not really what i'm talking about.

i love social media. i love reading the blogs of others. i love connecting with like minded people. i love showing my support of someone’s jam by clicking “Like” “digg” “share”. i love being able to share things that are impacting me.

last night, i joked with someone i was connecting with that we should complete the quinella of social media (i dont actually mean five different venues, just more than a trifecta, which would’ve been three (facebook, twitter, linkedin)).

sometimes, its like a treasure hunt, you click through on things and end up finding things you might never have located otherwise, and when you do – it’s like HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!

especially as a creative, i’m often looking for inspiration, new ideas, new ways to see things and looking for ways to support my friends’ efforts.

other times, however… it can mess with my head. it can make me feel like i’m not active enough online  (really? because i spend ALOT of time utilizing the tools available on the internet to do all the things i said above). more than that, it can make me feel like i’m not as active as others, so i’m losing ground. losing ground for what, you ask. i think i know.

i read a post yesterday from Blain Hogan about being around people that push you. I’m choosing a thought process today.

Instead of allowing myself to let the endless supply of blogs and writers make me feel a futility in continuing to contribute to the wonderful world of words and new ideas… I’ll consider each one an encouragement to continue. Another blog I read, spurred me on. so i tweeted about it. then i read more and found myself “Digging” something… the best things about it is that you can find inspiration as long as you want to look for it – and it’s there… but then, at the end of the day, what are you going to do about it? how is it going to inspire you?

you write about it, duh.


One thought on “the quinella of social media

  1. Jeff Goins says:

    Thanks for reading and for the link love!

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