sew what! in which my daughter teaches me a lesson…

my daughter, kavi, decided to teach herself how to sew today.

i love that.

she was going around the house looking for things that were in need of her repair.

she fixed a pillow that had been bursting with stuffing for at least 6 months.

wow. its so nice to have it fixed.

here’s the rub. yesterday she asked if i needed her to sew anything for me. i said no, because she has never sewn before and i didn’t want to pause my activity to help her out (btw… i myself am no seamstress. i can sew a straight line with a sewing machine). she clearly had it in her mind since then, that she was going to sew something. earlier today she asked me about some fabric she found and if she could use it. again, i denied her request as i doubted her ability and didn’t want to pause to help. here is what i was thinking at the time: she’s going to stick herself. she’s going to make a mess. she’s going to get into something she can’t finish and i’ll get dragged into a project i’m not up for right now. i’m not proud of this, i’m just telling you what i was thinking.

here is the awesome part – in spite of me, she prevailed. she was dead set on sewing something… and now i have a pillow that has been repaired… so proud of her and so excited to see where she takes this latest joy. she even repaired some jeans… i’m sure her dad wont mind the pink thread on the outside seam of his pants, right?!

you never know what part of your creative self is going to emerge in a given day. i wrote a script today about being creative… so proud of kavi for showing herself today.

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