it’s not CHILDCARE…

Long Hollow Kidz

our church is doing a big connection service after church this week after the last worship service.

i was asked to see to CHILDCARE…. nothing makes me crazy like kidz ministry being called CHILDCARE. (well, probably some things bug me more than that, but not many…)

anyway… so instead of babysitting the kids that will be staying for 1 1/2 – 2 hours so their parents can learn everything there is to know about our church… i decided our kids deserved their own “CONNECTION SERVICE”.

then i thought… wow. do i really want to spend 90 minutes on saturday night, then from 8am-1:15pm running our regular programming and then tack on a kidz connection service !? the answer is absolutely YES. why would it only be important for adults to be introduced to everything we have to offer, and not the kidz? why would we miss the opportunity to get kidz excited about all we have to offer them? well WE…. do not. WE, Long HOllow Kidz ministry do not want to miss an opportunity to get people stoked about Jesus. EVER.

that being said… i hope kidz will enjoy what we have planned and be clammoring for their parents to get involved.

here’s why:

on sundays we have TRAILS (small groups), where kidz get up close and personal with the same teachers each week, who share the truth with them through fun, games, and a bible story.

on sundays we have TREEHOUSE,, where they get kid flavored worship with praise teams and singers their ages – songs chosen carefully for them each week. they get drama – where actors take the stories of the bible to a life application level, bringing it to life. they get a chance to bring an offering to God. they get videos created especially for them. they get to hang out with other people their age and worship the God of the universe. 

on wednesdays, we have TREK:

TREK in TreeHouse is a super-charged mid-week experience to get reconnected with friends from church, and bring friends from school. Kidz worship together, learn together and laugh together… Especially when we bust out the whipped cream for silly games! The experience includes worship with Belmont’s own Ben Eggebrecht, missions emphasis videos, bible stories, messy games and fun with friends. Long Hollow Kidz will review the Main Point and Key Verse from Sunday but hear a new Bible Story. K-2nd graders meet in Lake Island where visitors are invited to try out our twisty turvy slides. 3rd-5th graders hang out in The Woods, where the night starts out with dance games on the big screen and 3 Wii stations, charged and ready to go. If a child would prefer to take a discipleship class, we will also offer one discipleship class for each age group.

in the summer, we offer VBS – this year we are looking at a family centered model that will allow families to experience a “family camp” on-site.

we also offer Kidz Camp – tailored to each age group. This year we are focusing on peace, love and worship. Kidz get to getaway and get up close and personal with the creator.

These are the biggies, not to mention other special events we have throughout the year, where you guessed it, we focus on kidz. We have Passport to Missions, an interactive missions experience, we have PJ Parties, basically … we have fun.

So… yeah. it’s not childcare. its not your mama’s sunday school… it’s LONG HOLLOW KIDZ … and it rocks!

One thought on “it’s not CHILDCARE…

  1. cblaikie says:

    good one!

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