oh how i love creatives (yes, that is a plural noun)

pretty much a BIG deal.

i got to have a creative meeting last night with some of my team.

i was presenting new curriculum for our upcoming 12 weeks… it’s called the BIG curriculum… and i’m stoked.

i’ve been producing, writing, designing, creating curriculum for years now. i love that. i love to write original content. i love creative meetings to talk about writing. i love the whole process. my job is the same as my hobby, so it works.

i got to share the music we would introduce. they dug it. i got to share the videos we will show. they loved them, i loved them. they are funny. insightful. great.

one really cool thing, one of the actors from the series sent us a personal video to use in our services to introduce the new thing. the kids are going to love it. 

i’ll roll it out to our families next week, but wanted to give you a sneek peak.

you might be wondering how i got this awesome creative in australia to make this video for our kids. you know how?! i asked him. people are so much nicer than we expect them to be. there’s a life lesson here – i always like to share what i’m learning when i write… so here it is… ask. and you shall receive.

you know who else wants us to ask? yep… i know, sunday school answer “GOD”… but God wants us to ask.

what will you ask him for today!?

2 thoughts on “oh how i love creatives (yes, that is a plural noun)

  1. aroadhome says:

    I asked for something HUGE this morning. It was fun to read this just 30 minutes after asking big.

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