the day i told my kid her salvation wasn’t real.

so. wow. tonite was intense.

we were talking about heaven, and jesus, and blaikie said she had asked him into her heart.

now, i’ve heard her say this before, but kind of dismissed the circumstances, and essentially blew it off… wanting to wait a little longer to determine comprehension.

but this time, i said, can you tell me the story of when this happened? (i knew the story, but i kind of thought she didnt get it, so i wasnt sure it was legit.) she said, i cant remember.

prepare for a non-shining parent moment: i said, well, then it wasnt real.

she started bawling.

we started talking.

she said it happened in her sisters room on christmas the previous year. she asked them how to get jesus in her heart, they told her, she did it, end of story. i said, awesome, do you want to get baptized. she said yes. i said, in treehouse in the kid baptismal? or in big church. to my surprise she opted for big church.

i was still testing her, apparently, because i said, can you tell your story to pastor jason (who would be baptising her). she said no…

then i suggested that she write it down, and i would give it to him for her… this piece to the right is what she wrote.

i could not be more thrilled! or more convinced that she knew exactly what she was doing christmas day, 2009.


2 thoughts on “the day i told my kid her salvation wasn’t real.

  1. Lucie Davis says:

    When Chris was 4 1/2 he was scared & prayed a specific prayer to God which was immediately answered. At age 6 he wanted to accept Christ & be baptized. We said no, let’s wait til you are older & understand better. We were the ones with no understanding. He obediently waited to be baptized a few years later, though in my heart I now know he was already saved. I shed tears for years when I would think of how I denied him that expression of love & obedience he felt called to even at so young an age. He has always had an unquenchable desire to love & serve God & has always done so. I pray that is what you will see in Blaikie’s precious life.

  2. rbcphotogirl says:

    thanks lucie for sharing… you’re right… she knows exactly what she’s doing 🙂

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