y’all we got dis-sed!

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ha. our car broke down 2 hours from home at midnight-ish on a saturday night. bummer.

but… also, not.

because it broke down… but AFTER our trip to disney world,

and CLOSE enough to home that one of our awesome friends, darren shipley, came and picked us up.

and yes, it over heated,

but it DID NOT BLOW UP… so that is great.

and did i mention that this was following a 6 day surprise trip to disney world? we just spent 4 days in the most magical place on earth… who are we to find things to complain about?

i was reminded while i was praying today that God is aware of all of our needs. we had food. we had shelter. we had care. and he meets our needs, as he has promised to be provider.

we dont have our car back, but it’ll be interesting to see how that works out as well.

additionally we were starting a brand new curriculum in the treehouse this weekend. I’ve been stoked about it for 2 months… at least. and today was the BIG day to do our BIG curriculum from Hillsong. I’ve been writing, and preparing… and alas, totally missed it. all of it. again, it’s time to find the silver lining and it is this: though i was not there, and though one of my key volunteers was not there, and though many people were on spring break and unable to be there…

i received a text from my intern, Thomas Bain, that said this: “everything is going super well!!! almost overstaffed.. God provides!” (side bar – if you have ever served in childrens ministry you will appreciate the miraculous nature of the word over staffed).

then i received a text from a leader in one of our satellite campuses, it said this: “TREEHOUSE IN GALLATIN WAS AWESOME! the message was good and the kids were into it.”

then these from my colleague, Jason Underhill, “last night was the best saturday night we’ve ever had!” and then “It’s really good, best stuff I’ve seen in a long time.” (referring to the hillsong curriculum for large and small group, and our additions of live drama).

so… the silver lining is this: God doesnt need me to make treehouse happen, but he allows me to be used to make treehouse happen. it is my honor and privilege to find ways to enage the kids and families of sumner county in the stuff God is doing in treehouse at Long Hollow.

also… look for the silver linings. they are always there. just look for them first, and you might forget to look in the eeyore spaces…

oh and by DIS-SED… i mean we got to go to DIS-ney world. the best place on earth.

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4 thoughts on “y’all we got dis-sed!

  1. glad you all made it home safely!!!

  2. Jennifer Lorance says:

    LOVE this blog!
    Yes, yes, yes!

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