topsy turvy and a lesson to go along with it.

so, i got the privelege of directing the talent show at my kids’ school. to be completely honest with you… i offered (after we got a flyer that came home, and a phone call to my friend who knows about such things) because i wanted to find out who the artistic and dramatic people were in the new school my kids attend. I wanted to find people to come to our company of heARTists actors workshops… kids and parents.

but then, along the way i will admit i’ve at times had a bad attitude. the rehearsals were very inconvenient timing wise, but honestly everytime i would get to one… i was then glad to be there.

you know what happens when you serve somewhere? you meet the other serving people.

you know what serving people are? obedient people.

you know what obedient people are? peaceful.

yes. i love that. i loved it. i loved hanging out with the other women and connecting.

i really loved hanging out with kids and speaking truth and encouragement into them. if you tell them often enough that they are honoring each other when they listen to each toher… i have to presume that at some point they will see that perspective.

i was sooooo proud. first of all the bravery it takes to even try out for a talent show is ridiculous.

then … the courage to stand up in front of family and friends, lights in your eyes, sweaty microphone in your hand, that metallic taste on your bottom lip because you’re suposed to keep it close…. i can taste it! these kids rocked it.

were they awesome – some of them?

were they poised – some of them?

were they heading on to bigger and better things? – a couple of them.

were they courageous? – all of them

were they nervous and open to encouragement like never before? – all of them.

was it a privelege to have time with these kids? ABSOLUTELY. you know now when i see them, we will have a history together. we have a memory we can share. we have a bridge. a place to cross. i loved when i saw another mom bow her head and pray with one of the kids that was having stage fright.

my thoughts are scattered because its a grateful day.

-grateful that i got to meet some of the people i met in the process of doing the talent show

-grateful that i got to see kavi and blaikie perform to BUBBLY.

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