ninja gummy bears… why?

gummy bears stick around. especially the ninja ones

writing a script today about how Jesus died on the cross for me. Trying to explain that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice because of his great love for us… to kids, K-5th grade. Of course… doesnt that make YOU think ninja gummy bears? oh, really? it doesn’t? that’s weird… because that’s straight where it takes me… well, maybe not straight there. this is what happened.

i started plotting out a script. i started thinking about what i wanted to communicate. how could i make the point of a great sacrifice. i thought about a character who really really really wanted something… and then didnt get it. then i thought about someone else who got the thing the other one wanted… and gave it to them. and then i thought about gummy bears. not really. what i really thought about was how my child is on a basketball team called the ……. “ninja gummy bears” and how someone told her they were bringing shirts with a big gummy bear on it and how disappointed she was when that was not true. she was really really bummed.

so – the character would really want to be on the NGB team. they would have done everythign in their power to get on the team. for example: they would do 95 situps while eating a gummy bear between each one. they would learn the ninja gummy bear secret handshake and cheer:

ninja gummy bears.
we’re hiding everywhere.
you can smoosh us,
you can shake us,
you can twist us,
but never break us.

ninja gummy bears.
we’re lurking everywhere.
you can’t smell us,
you can’t hear us,
you can’t tear us,
but you should fear us!

ninja gummy bears,
we’re sticking around.

and ultimately, they would not get on the team. even after all the prepartation. their friend, however, would make the team… GASP! NOT FAIR! this is a very highly sought after position.
they would complain and pout and be very sad….
the friend gives up the spot. sacrifices her own opportunity out of love for her friend.
Jesus gave up his life out of love for us.
see how that works?! hows that for ninja storytelling …

One thought on “ninja gummy bears… why?

  1. LAUREN says:

    sweet gummy bear logic.

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