brain storm of immense proportions

where to begin… oh where oh where to begin.

this has been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. a plan that i thought was in place, and planned for many months… was altered. i was given a box of pencils the same day. it should’ve been a give away, or a least foreshadowing. the change caught me unawares. but doesn’t most change? in an effort to avoid vagueness at all costs, let me break it down.

jason and i have been planning a family experience for vbs for months, complete with parent experiences and a reprise of double dare a la . we plotted and planned. we talked to multiple people and had volunteers lining up to join us for this experience. then we were told that it wasnt going to happen. the new look of vbs would have more of a retro 1970’s back yard bible club spin. to say that it was shocking is to understate the obvious.  let me just say that enthusiasm for the shift was not immediate. in fact, after a few days i explained to my boss that it was as if i had this baby that got shoved aside without regard… (i slid a notebook across a table and onto the floor while making this point – i slid it gently, though :)) however… after reconciling myself to the change, i found again that we serve a very kind God. one who loves me enough to show me some truths that i should’ve seen immediately, but also truths that are irrelevant in submitting to authority.

so, ultimately, the holy spirit pointed out to me that if we were going to call our VBS experience “CITY UPRISING” and hope to see our city transformed and drawn to our savior.. it would be necessary to go out into that city and call on the saints to rise up. rise up and serve… so that new believers would also rise up and follow the God that loves them so much he allowed his son to die on their behalf. now… i find myself chomping at the bit to run with it.

we’ve now got amazing plans to mobilize families ALL SUMMER…. calling it a SUMMER of UPRISING… families will have a plan for reaching their neighbors for the entire summer, culminating in our CITY UPRISING experience that will take place all across sumner county from july 25-28. think about this, would your neighbor be more likely to see Jesus by you inviting them to bring themselves to your church they may have never visited… or by spending a summer seeing you love their kids with weekly ministrations and then hosting them at your own home at the end of the summer. DUH! dont answer that. the truth of it, is obvious. with that idea in the works and conquered… let’s move on to today.

well, kind of today. really it began a couple of weeks ago, also. i attended a concert. one of my volunteers sent me a facebook message suggesting that i attend the slugs and bugs concert. i did this. at the end of the concert, which i thoroughly enjoyed, i met the artist. we exchanged a few words and thoughts, and messages. in the process, discovered some common passions for family ministry. knowing that jason(underhill) is also passionate about family ministry, we set up a meeting between the three of us to discuss the potential collaboration. today we had this meeting. with so many common goals and hopes for families, it was a natural  progression that led to us booking the artist for a long hollow experience.

if that wasnt enough… the conversation spun out into so many beautiful places. five hours of brainstorming and sharing later… i thanked God for moving us to nashville. i thanked him for the creativeness all around me. i thanked him for the paths he’s allowing me to travel down and through. i thanked him for preparing me for such a time as this. future projects will be forthcoming. and the tide is rushing into a place that i want to be. blackaby says to find where god is at work and go there… that is what is happening. i’ll share more as more becomes reality… but allow me to implore you – be on alert for people that are doing Gods work. watch for opportunities to use the things you’ve learned to advance the kingdom of god. find more ways to tell the story of hope that saves us. be aware as you see things that you cant explain that they might be things that a god who is much bigger than you are, has the capacity to bless and do.

At the end of the day, gods will will be done. we have to decide whether or not we are going to be part of it. in doing so, we reap blessing. in avoidance, we face disappointment and discontent.

gratefully looking forward to a continuation of that brainstorming session and totally stoked to see what happens next. today was a beautiful day.

3 thoughts on “brain storm of immense proportions

  1. Joanie Rutherford says:

    Awesome word! God is truly at work if we just let Him and jump on board with His plans. Thanks for that testimony!

  2. Susan Gallion says:

    Robyn, your mom forwarded me this message – WONDERFUL! It fits into the new emphasis at FBCFL to reach our Neighborhoods! We have over 30 Neighborhood Home Groups now! Please add me to your list and keep me posted. Love you, Susan

  3. emily says:

    yay! thanks for sharing. cannot wait to hear how this story ends! 🙂

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