you’re just not good enough

you just aren’t. and you can’t be. it’s not possible.

is that discouraging? let me tell you … it’s the best news you will ever hear.

… this is holy week. preparations would’ve already been underway for Jesus and his disciples, leading toward the eventual death, burial and resurrection of our God. there are a ton of christian bloggers talking about this, sharing insight and beautiful reflections on what this represents… i’ll leave it to them for right now. they are doing an excellent job.

as i was doing my own preparing for the easter celerbation coming on sunday, this is the phrase that kept coming to me.

you’re not good enough.

i wrote a script about a girl who hears the church say “you’re not good enough”… but she misses the good part when she leaves to go relieve herself from the 3 blue slurpees she inhaled on her way into church. she missed the good news.

the good news is, because you are not, will never be, good enough… a perfect savior willingly took your place.

i dont know about you, but that is, like, the most comforting thought i can conceive. you see, it is completely out of my hands. i can’t earn heaven. i can’t earn eternity… i’m powerless to do anything but rejoice that it has been acquired for me… in doing so, it is my burden and responsibility to tell everyone i encounter about this precious gift. it will never run out. there is enough to go around. dont be afraid to share your Jesus, like he might run out of love… and not have enough left over for you. you can trust him, because he died for you.

this is one time in life that i can promise you it’s worth it to put all your eggs in one basket!!

rejoicing in his everythingness and my nothingness as i continue to embrace holy week and the extra ways that i’m guided back to the heart

dont be such a hard shell to crack... reveal your center

of God.

6 thoughts on “you’re just not good enough

  1. robyn says:

    an example of a blog you will want to read about holy week:

  2. renaissanceegg says:

    Love it, Robin! I’m certainly places all my “eggebrecht’s” in one basket!

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