you’re going to wear that?

my girls really really didnt want to go dress shopping… and my son, well, he wants to wear his uniform.. jeans and a quirky t-shirt… hm. what am i to do? i’ve grown up getting a new outfit that you wear for easter and you get your picture made. it’s part of the deal. i loved it then, and i love it now.

someone asked me this week what my easter traditions are… i would say that this qualifies as one of them. you get all dressed up.

now, i will tell you that all three girls found dresses that met their standards… we still have tomorrow to figure out quint.

but it got me thinking… why do we do that? why is it important to me? do i care that much about the outside… more so than the inside? the answer is no. i dont care more about the outside than the inside. you need only to check out my 6 yr old on a regular day (see photo to right… we call her style ‘punky-brewster chic’ – well actually, only i call it that, but it fits) and you will see that it is her spirit that shines through… not her perfectly matched ensemble (she doesnt really do those… she’s random and we love that about her)

the thing is, getting a new outfit marks easter as a special, separate day from all the other days. at least in my world it does. it’s like setting it apart… making a big deal out of the biggest day of our year. as believers in Jesus, easter is our everything. were it not for the resurrection and victory over death that happened on the cross, none of the rest of it really matters. now, this probably sounds silly, but i like what it represents. it represents that when we are reborn in christ we put on a new self, a new creation. the old has passed away and is forgiven ahead of time.

do you have to have new easter clothes … no, of course not. but for my family – they will and they will also hear this parrallel. they will celebrate what it means (if i have to make them :)). they will have their picture made so i can commemorate this holiest of days. they will most likely not be acting like their holiest selves, just saying.

however, since we have 3 full days of worship experiences… the other days they will be wearing the usual. new outfits will bust out for resurrection day. kind of excited to share with them the symbolism. they might say what they often say to me “mom, does everything have to be a lesson?!” to which i will reply… yes, as much as possible!

praying that churches and families will hear God’s call to them this weekend, loud and clear. if they are in treehouse, i can assure they will hear it loud and clear.

how will you get dressed up in your heart this easter … to present yourself as a living sacrifice to the one who gave his life for yours?

2 thoughts on “you’re going to wear that?

  1. carolyn says:

    you KNOW I love this one!!! can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  2. Lucie Davis says:

    Easter outfits have sure morphed! It used to be a new Laura Ashley dress for Easter Sunday. And don’t forget the new white shoes and matching purse! (I actually had never heard of Laura Ashley ’til I met your mother!)

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