yoda takes on the holy spirit

but not like that… he’s taking on the role of someone who shows kids what the holy spirit is kind of like… 

we were in a creative meeting discussing the holy spirit. i, am in love with the holy spirit. when i realized the holy spirit is the element of God that is actually with me, reminding me, guiding me… letting me feel love and forgiveness… i fell in love with him. he is the one that gets stuff done on a day to day basis with me. and i am grateful for his voice. so… with that type of excitement i entered into a discussion with several of my team… when one of my favorite actors , harrison pasley, said this… “when i think of the holy spirit, i picture gandalf.” i thought… ok, that’s cool. we talked about doing a lord of the rings bit and kind of going at it from that angle… then it hit me … YODA!!!!!! everyone loves YODA!and we started to talk about yoda’s characteristics… he was mentor, he was wise, he had power, he had strength, he has honor,  and most importantly,  kids know who he is. plus, he’s their size… … sounds like someone else we know… yes, the Counselor, the Holy Spirit.

so this sunday… we’ve invited all the little jedi’s to come in costume (leave the light sabers at home, please) and join us for a weekend of celebrating that we are NEVER ALONE. kids will hopefully come to understand elements of the holy spirit that they haven’t understood before, by putting it in the framework of something they know. if they can learn about God’s love by looking at their fathers’ love… why cant they learn about the holy spirit from a well-loved pop icon ?!

i’m not sure george lucas knew he was planting seeds for christian curriculum, but i’m grateful. i love getting to use relevant ways to share about jesus. i love that the ways to share about him are endless. find your own ways to use things that kids know well… to introduce them to a God they are only just learning about.

One thought on “yoda takes on the holy spirit

  1. Teri Netterville says:

    Oh Robyn! I love this! I love how you and your team are able to think of such creative and remarkable ways to share the message of our Heavenly Father with our little ones! These are the EXACT messages that will stay with them for a lifetime. Heck! Now it’ll be with me for a lifetime! I won’t ever hear Yoda’s name again without thinking of God and his amazing and loving wisdom for our lives. Love this! And love you!

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