ORANGE YOU GLAD… (i didnt say banana)

that stupid joke has been in my head all day… every time i read the word orange today. which was quite a lot actually, because i’m with the longhollow team at the orange conference in atlanta.

i was taught. reminded. and encouraged today.

i was taught, by anna simmons, to equip other leaders and spread out the work. as she walked through her production schedule and how to run a production meeting, there were so many great reminders about building relationships with those i’m working with, but also i was convicted about not training people up.

-i have not pushed the limits of excellence up and up to help people even reach greater heights in production.

-i have not put anyone in leadership roles of things that i thought should “be my job”… instead of realizing my job is to minister to my teams and make sure kids hear the eternal message of christ in the most effective ways possible… it is not my job to be at all 10 treehouse shows…

-it is good to give people ownership.

i was reminded, by chad and autumn ward)… to dream beyond the budget, not to fit the dream to the budget… at the same time, that it is dishonoring to God when you dont stick to a budget that has been set. it dishonors the conversation about the budget. awesome reminder as we make shifts and additions to our treehouses. and a great word to all of us in ministry. do you know that when i spend $3 on bouncy balls for our wednesday nigth game show… i think “I wonder whose tithe just went to buy bouncy balls?  i hope we use them to build relationship, like we’re planning too”

i was encouraged by andy stanley that it is crucial, to do the work of the church. it is crucial to continue to be a purveyor of this great life changing truth that we know. and leading people to that eternal life, also leads them to a better life, in general. proofs from history indicate that it is abundantly clear that christianity is most defininitely a factor in the things it touches. andy stanley brought a message on this concept tonite that is almost too big to articulate, too big to write about, to big to wrap our hands around… but so very awesome. christianity is the greatest gift you can share with someone, and it is a privelege to be in a line of work that allows that to be on my to do list.

and then there was this… something so great with social media. so a few months ago i “Met” a cool girl named kathryn macdowall on cmconnect.  we started chatting about some stuff. that cool girl told me about a curriculum her team had developed. i purchased it. have been using it… and really loving it. (hillsong big curriculum)… its fantastic.

today she sent me a tweet that her brother was at the same conference that i was attending. i said,g reat, tell him to send me a dm. she said, he doesnt tweet… then she said “listen for accents”. now, this is a conference with 4500+ people attending… sure, i’ll listen for an accent. so i heard this accent, finally. it was a man named peter lusk (i believe, just got a quick glance) with careforce church in melbourne. i asked him if he know this friend of mine’s brother… sue, who was with him, said she knew them and would be meeting up with them after the breakout! what do you know!! so… here is a picture of me meeting my friend kathryn’s brother…. i’m hoping to turn some of of my facebook/twitter friends into facetime friends this week… hope they’ll look for me too.

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