meeting michael chanley… at orange.

i’ll be honest. i had trepidation. see, i have been reading and communicating with several bloggers that i became acquainted with through this website for about 6 months. i have enjoyed the learning and sharing that goes on here. it’s a great place to do two things: get equipped and acquainted… and get jacked up about whether you are equipped or acquainted with churchy things enough.

here’s the thing – i’ve written scripts and curriculum for kid ministry at prestonwood, in plano, tx, and now long hollow baptist in hendersonville, tn for the past 7 years… in addition to a slew of un-church related writing projects, curriculum for many different ministries, articles, a book, entrepreneur content… you get the picture… so this past year when i stepped into full-time kids ministry, i felt somewhat behind the curve… who was i supposed to have heard of that i had no clue about? what am i supposed to have read and written about that i don’t have a clue about? some of you probably know what i mean… anyway, the point is, i’ve been learning by reading and when Jason Underhill directed me to this site, i had no idea what was in store. i didn’t realize that not only would i read some good stuff and find some nice resources… i was about to meet and share experiences with some freaking amazing people…

enter MICHAEL CHANLEY. we had traded messages and emails back and forth a few times… same with SAM LUCE, who shared some pre-ripped files with me that made my media intern squeal with delight. so it was with anxious anticipation that i would finally get to meet them in person at the ORANGE conference and somehow “legitimize the relationship”. go from cyber friends to face-friends. i had trepidation because… i so badly wanted them to be as nice and excellent as i thought they were going to be…

for those of you who haven’t yet had the honor, let me assure you – they are. they are excellent, kind, humble men of God doing things to bring him honor… whew. so grateful to discover that and grateful for what they are doing for the eternal kingdom in the places that they serve.

also met kenny conley – and stoked about something in the future that we’re planning. as well as matt mckee who has some excellent things up his creative sleeve for kids coming soon. meeting jonathan acliff (who is also in this picture) proved to be another kindness of God to me.

one surprise connection was benjamin kerns… his blog, which i only just discovered after meeting him and talking about doing ministry in reality, is superb… a don’t miss.

and there is a man pouring into these men … and his name is jim wideman. he’s written a book, you probably own – volunteers that stick.

believe me when i tell you i wouldn’t give you links and names just for lip service…. i hate that. i’m sharing with you because you have shared with me, and i’m better at my job because of it. god is honored when we share, it is the way we show good stewardship of that which he has entrusted to us. as i always tell my kids… hebrews 13:16 – share what you have.

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