a mother of a video and a dog named Jesus

so creative… this mother’s day medley at Long Hollow should make you laugh and sing along.

and speaking of singing along… last night, for mother’s day, my mom and i went to bluebird cafe to listen to music. gareth asher and the earthlings opened up.

gareth asher & the earthlings at bluebird cafe

she is a self-proclaimed music freak. my mom and my aunt travel together looking for live music. my aunt will go so far as to drive with the windows open down city streets straining to pick up a note or two wafting through the air to indicate the promise of more. it’s a healthy addiction.

you see… my dad and my uncle died within a year of each other… only 3 and 4 years ago. since then, the sisters have been spending alot of time together… and music is their medicine. it soothes their lonely souls, it fills their empty hearts to overflowing and it celebrates emotions good and bad within a 4-ish minute experience. music is lifegiving. music reminds you of your past and gives you hope for your future. sometimes music hurts alot… other times it heals. one thing it isn’t… is stationary, gray, irrelevant.

on mother’s day it was perfect to do the thing she loves to do… (i thoroughly love it too, just havent taken to hitting the streets in search of a tune, yet… maybe one day when i grow up).

listening to songwriters tell the stories behind the songs, and then tell the stories through the songs was exquisite. one writer sang a song she said that no one has picked up yet, but that she keeps believing in… another song was called my dog jesus.  wow. i loved this song. there were 13 singers… Gareth Asher opened the show brilliantly. i downloaded a song from itunes, while i was sitting there : 

i re-realized while i was sitting there… songwriters and i have alot in common. we are storytellers. getting excited to incorporate songwriting principles into my writing preparation… and listen more intently to the stories in the songs i listen to over and over.

what is your favorite song? i dont want to miss it… tell me what it is and why…

2 thoughts on “a mother of a video and a dog named Jesus

  1. carolyn says:

    beautifully said….

  2. Teri Netterville says:

    You are a wordsmith. My goodness, the way you are able to thread words together to form such beautiful, interesting stories that capture our attention, not to mention our hearts, is absolutely beautiful and brilliant! And I’m not even biased! I speak only the truth. Please keep writing! It is such a gift to all of us who receive your work! Love this one so much!!

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