who told them they could grow up?

wow. so two of my kids are at dances at school.

we got new clothes. all showered. all primped and prepped.

i took pictures, of course… and to quint’s chagrin.

and sent them off. it’s scary to send someone off … will they represent well? will they remember they are carrying a family name? will they bring honor to God? will they realize every little decision equals a ripple with uncontrollable effects? will they be safe? will they be treated nicely?

i cannot imagine how people that dont know God get through the day. knowing that the one who loves them best is aware of their situation at all times… brings peace, love and joy.

as a sidenote… one of my friends mentioned that they have already seen quint and  his date at the restaurant where they are having dinner… i always tell him, there are people everywhere, they know who you are and are watching what you are doing… so do well.

i have to say that i think they both look stunning and am so proud of them. i know they are having fun right now, while i’m waiting to pick them up and hear all about it. if i drive and look straight ahead… and do mostly listening… sometimes they tell me stuff 😉


4 thoughts on “who told them they could grow up?

  1. Mrs."D" says:

    Loved your writing on this event. He is in control but this is good wisdom you are imparting. Someone is always watching…

  2. Mrs. "D" says:

    You did a great job on this writing. Great wisdom you are imparting to your children…someone is always watching. Parenting is a great responsibility but oh so wonderfully full of His blessings..most of the time.(:

  3. Princessjes says:

    They do look fabulous! Great kids & they clean up well! Good family stories to come, I’m sure!

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