Monthly Archives: June 2011

ice ice baby … and prayer

i have a passionate love affair with ice… and second only to that, a little delight i like to refer to as the nectar of the gods… diet coke. the magical thing about a tervis tumbler (pictured here) is that it preserves your ice longer than the traditional cup or glass. it respects the ice, it keeps the chosen liquid from being diluted quickly… and what’s even better- it has a lifetime guarantee. you know, prayer does this. preserves you, keeps your relationship with God from getting diluted and has a lifetime guarantee.

been doing alot of work lately that focuses on prayer and the ongoing conversation god wants to have with us. last week we showed the kids what this would look like by showing them two friends where only one of them is talking in the conversation. isn’t this what happens with God so many times. we have one-sided conversations, not listening to what he has to say to us… just throwing things at him from time to time.

we also talked about how we all want to tell our best friend all the stuff that is happening with us… how often we text them or call them or post on facebook, or write a blog… that type of stuff. and how god wants to be our go to… he longs for that and offers that to us. with all of that, you should probably go out an buy yourself a wonderful tervis tumbler… i now have 5.

ice ice baby, too cold too cold