Monthly Archives: July 2011

a story that has no end? sooo street. and a few free downloads.

wow. haven’t blogged in awhile. wanna guess why? it’s summer in kidz ministry… and whew. it’s intense.

wanna know what else is intense? getting to share a story that has no end.

so… first we had kidzstock kidz camp. kidz learned about Peace, Love & Worship.

we learned a new song that has been permanently added to our LH KIDZ worship library.

it is aptly named Peace, Love & Worship.


When we studied peace – we learned about the holy spirit. Love-we learned about jesus, and worship-we learned about god. the trifecta of holiness… otherwise known as “THE TRINITY”.

148 decisions were made to write Christ on their hearts and in their lives, some through transformation, and some through the obedient step of baptism. amazing.

In weekend worship experiences we have been learning about prayer and God’s word. crucial elements in the eternal story of our lives.

last week, we started a 2 week marathon of VBS experiences. we went into inner city park in gallatin to share the news of Jesus. then this week we took it to the streets at veteran’s park in hendersonville and white house municipal park and monthaven apartments… plus 17 families opened up their front yards to host several hundred kids for a back yard bible club style VBS. we are learning about superheroes of the bible… it’s called CITY UPRISING. our county has 80% unchurched population….we’re looking to change that at Long Hollow.

now “hear” me… this has been a challenge, and some people just didnt get it. didnt understand why we would ask them to open their yards up to possible strangers (K-5th grade strangers). didn’t understand why we would do something so different and challenging as managing the many layers of a VBS like this. but the families that have been participating are making an eternal impact in their neighborhoods… does that sound like something Jesus would like? i think it does. it sounds exactly like something he would do – welcome people who don’t know him to meet him  by going to where they are… yep, i’m pretty sure that was pretty much the way he rolled all the time. the bible tells me so.

for those that missed the traditional vbs model, there are tons of churches in our area that offered that… so they got that covered. that’s why we took to the streets. one thing i love about my church – we do things that are unproven, challenging, and have the greatest potential to reach unreached people… that’s pretty much the way we roll.

we have two more days of VBS. tomorrow kids will hear about jesus… who loves them and wants a relationship with them starting now. he wants to be part of their eternal story. i can’t wait! we didn’t coin it “a vbs experience of eternal proportions” for no reason!

cudos to the many adults and students that have joined us in the parks to share the word of god.

shout out to the families that accepted our challenge and have partnered with us so faithfully.

next up… midnight train. this is our amazing opportunity to hang out with our volunteers and really share what is on our hearts in a comprehensive way. we are so stoked because it is going to be FUN… and we might, or we might not, have a little karaoke action planned for our LHKIDZ friends!!

every day something happens that i want to share here… and then i wait, and one more thing happens… and on and on… so alas, here we are. putting the finishing touches on the summer events and getting ready to rock steady into the coming year.

what was the highlight of your summer? did you write a scene in someone’s eternal story yet? it’s not too late… make sure that you, too, have an epic summer.