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i let the writing get in the way of the writing.

the station inn

everytime i’ve been about to write something on this blog, i’ve remembered something i’m supposed to write for something else.

i’ve let the official writing assignments i have, choke me out of my reflective writing for this blog. shame on me. because i find that when i blog about what is going on, that thing gets more real and more in focus than it ever would’ve been otherwise, plus it shares the story.

we can have the best fall kick off in the world, but if we dont record the great moments, they are easily forgotten.

i can have the most amazing visit with a friend and tour of this great city, but if i dont record it… it easily loses the poignancy of the sweet time that it was.

as a way of catch up, i’ll try to hit each even with one sentence-…ish – then share a strategy to protect what’s important.

-during vbs and after, started shooting ISHINE tv show at TBN in Hendersonville, was writer on set when i was able to be there.

-after vbs, which you can read about from the last post, we moved into midnight train. (-midnight train is a 6 hour training session with our volunteers. )

-we had a blast at midnight train together

-two days later, promotion sunday, started a new format., we had over 1000 kids.

-saw some amazing artists and bands (this is nashville, it happens alot)

-realized new format doubled our need for new teachers, as we had multiple “small groups” with over 40 people, note to self: 70% of kids were not previously connecting in small groups-SAD)

-school started for my kids: 1 in high school, 1 in middle school, 2 in elem. school. they all love their schools and their teachers. woot!! (quint’s schedule this semester : 1. football, 2. art, 3. lunch, 4. honors english, 5. marketing)

-designed high school football program and got to hang out with some really cool women, esp. mitzi lindsey and jamie hamilton

– saw “the Help” with my girls, aimee brown and kristen sisk. loved it.

-saw natalie grant last night, bawled my eyes out when she rocked out In Christ Alone.

– there is a bunch of other stuff too… but you get the point.

here is what’s so ridiculous about this – each of these things deserves its own blog post. each of these things should’ve been reflected on and captured when they happen.

here is a strategy to protect what is important: 

sometimes eat dessert first.

i realize the reason i don’t get around to writing on this blog is that i see it as a reward. it is my dessert(elective writing) for finishing my dinner (required writing)… and many times it doesn’t make it on the schedule… and many times we dont let ourselves have dessert. I’m going to claim dessert back and write the reflective and important to me stuff before i write a script for a treehouse.

The thing is, every time I write at dearheartists, I’m thinking of the people who might read (hi mom)… and wanting to really share something worth your time – which takes my reflection and thinking to a deeper level. it’s not just reporting. it’s about life application and saying things that matter and have a potential for impact. and that type of writing sharpens my focus and craft… resulting in better writing everywhere, even scripts for treehouse 🙂

with that said – i think you, too, should do the thing you love to do first, and do it well (and efficiently, of course). this will make you better at doing the stuff you have to do.