the gospel of “you got to c’mon!”

just had a staff retreat… this song was written to honor our pastor, david landrith.

it tells a story of our pastor, our retreat, and our church.

when david landrith agrees with something he often shouts “C’MON”

when david landrith wants to see people take action he often shouts ” you got to c’mon!”

the speakers our pastor assembled to encourage us at our recent staff retreat all had a message for us that was similar to “C’MON”

gene mims challenged us to c’mon and remember the call… it’s what keeps you were God has placed you.

pete wilson encouraged us to c’mon and leave fear behind. he told us to be transformational leaders we would have to trust with God-sized obedience, not me-sized solutions.

tami heim showed us we had to c’mon and get digital with it … and now. she shared some amazing truths about the next generation and showed us how to communicate effectively with our people using social media.

jay strack rocked our world ten ways to sunday with facts about the future generation and inspired us to c’mon and get involved with the solutions to a godless future generation.  “The church has spent all its time teaching people what to think, we need to teach then how to think.”

mark marshall and his (and i quote)  “smokin’ hot wife” told us to c’mon and stand up for our families. c’mon and protect our kids and their love for the church. c’mon and love each other.


here’s the thing. our pastor pushes us to c’mon, then makes sure we are equipped for the task. so grateful for that.

we are told to surround ourselves with leaders… and then we are given leaders to serve with.

our message is eternal and our opportunities to share it are endless.

we are given what is needed… now it’s time to C’MON.


2 thoughts on “the gospel of “you got to c’mon!”

  1. Tami Heim says:

    Ima coming….Ima coming.
    Great post.
    Amazing team.
    Forever Grateful.
    God gets all the glory….all the time.

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