need more cowbell?

went to Guitar Center this weekend i had the magical experience of meandering through guitar center in nashville.

quint and i went to this magnificent place on friday to look for some sheet music. loved being with quint. loved being there.

while browsing the keyboards we met a musician moonlighting as a sales guy… he used his years of wisdom and experience to guide our decision making – i love it when that happens.

we couldn’t get back fast enough and returned on monday to start the process of following his direction.

when your creativity runs dry or your mind is tired…  i would suggest a trip to a place that will touch so many of your senses.

sights – colors and shapes that will delight

smells – there is a starving artist smell… and you will encounter it there

sounds – too many to even share. do your heart soul and self a favor.

go see my friend Jeff Sturms at Guitar Center.





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