wow. so, here’s the story…

a couple of weeks ago i found out that i would get to come to the story conference in chicago. and now i’m here.

i’m so grateful for the opportunity… i even got to stay with a friend from high school that i havent seen since. (bonus) and meet her family.

thought i would give a brief synopsis and give the gyst of the amazing things i heard today:

ed dobson: was diagnosed with ALS, has lived for years, and is now telling the story of what he has learned through the chrystalization.

bottom line: the truth is, we don’t control squat. when you are worried about the future, it’s hard to find God, but if you live in the moment, he’s right there with you.

tom ryan: this is not just crowdsourcing, this is a community of artists. finding ideas that would otherwise never see the light of day.

esther havens: they were beautiful. i wanted to show their dignity, and that they were beautiful to Christ.

sean astin: be willing to fail, and dont compromise your message or your art. artists thrive when they feel like they can make a difference?

bethany hoang: we must rescue the salves. impact law enforcement and they will be held accountable. ( i think i want to help them figure out how to tell this story to kids)

ted dekker: i show the darkness because that’s how i show the light. the world is dark. jesus was s dark man. evil is real.  this talk inspired me to consider the themes of our sunday morning worship… and everything else for that matter. i’m not sure how this is going to manifest itself yet, in my work, but i know that it will.

kyle cooper: 1-if you dont use your artistic talent you will regret it for your entire life. 2-everything you do, do with all your might. 3 – the only thing you have is what you get away! unless the audience undrestands me, they aren’t involved enough.

then amazing dinner with new friends.

this is just the highlights… cant wait to break it down somemore.

2 thoughts on “wow. so, here’s the story…

  1. Tami Heim says:

    Thanks for taking us there with you and sharing the inspiration.
    Hope to see more here as you continue to unpack it.
    Maybe we need to book next year’s roadtrip NOW. /
    So happy you were able to make this trip!

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