ted dekker, kyle cooper and some new lenses

I’m back from the STORY 11 conference.

I return to my life with a new set of lenses through which to view things. a few new friends. And a grateful heart. And a little bit of disappointment.

a grateful heart: 

I’m not sure if this came from a specific speaker or if it was a revelation that God gave to me – i dont have anything in my notes that exactly replicates this thought – but it very clearly is a message i received …

attaining the dream is not necessarily about an end point. the dream is lived out in the process. 

in wanting to write a book – living the dream is the writing that you do in the process.

in wanting to design a compelling brand or image – it is the time you spend researching and manipulating colors and shapes, changing layouts and fonts, copy and catchphrases in which you see the dream unfold. 

in wanting to become a speaker to thousands – it is the thousand conversations that connect you to people that are a fulfillment of that dream.

with that in mind it can safely be said that we are all currently living said dream-if we participating  in our field of choice. notice that you have to be participating.

with a heart towards creativity of different manifestations, it is each stroke of the keyboard or paintbrush that allows me to be participating in the fulfillment of my dreams. it is with content and intention toward all things worthy of god that allows my dream to say aligned with his plans… giving the fruition of my dreams an eternal quality that the world would only dream of. friends … do you realize the power we have as creative stewards of an eternal story? and the promise that it will not return void. i daresay that it is a lofty and humbling privilege to be entrusted with communicating the story of life.

new lenses:

Ted Dekker and Kyle Cooper, unbeknownst to them, i’m sure, had a common message – and one followed the other, so I take that as something God wants us to hear.

they both are accused of working primarily with darkness, but made the very clear point that the world IS dark… that’s how we show the light.

takeaway – don’t sugarcoat the evil that is in the world. don’t pretend that it does not exist. don’t mask the blackness with shades of gray (ted dekker synopsis). he says that when he writes about a heroin overdose you will read about the vomiting and the horrific-ness – in order to see the magnitude of redemption and freedom. essentially – be authentic in all things. only authentic, true work will be held and valued.

to be very clear… there was NO DISAPPOINTMENT WHATSOEVER IN STORY 11… 

to get the disappointment out of the way i will just share this:  I did have experiences with kindness and  sharing of stories and ideas, though interestingly, not so much with fellow creatives, but with those who were more entrepreneurial, or business minded and who deal in the machinations of ministry and are in the trenches of ministry with actual students. (so nice to meet you matt, james and paul), and some architects …

we are responsible to be love and to show love… how can we communicate this artistically if we don’t demonstrate it on a face to face level? (talking to myself as well) i pray that my art never gets in the way of my kindness. i pray that my insecurities never prevent me from showing myself. i pray that i will share the creativity that has been entrusted to me, as much as i possibly can.

… fellow artists, if someone asks you what you do for  a living, shows an interest in your life and gives kindness… it is an awesome thing to give it back… when you don’t it shows your personal insecurity or else your personal unkindness (i’d prefer to think it’s your insecurity and not just pure unkindness). i was truly chagrined to find myself in this situation repeatedly.

i will definitely plan to attend STORY 12… as I have learned some priceless lesson from god-honoring, excellent teachers and creative professionals. but next time, i’m bringing friends. ( couldn’t have been happier to run into matt mckee at the lifeway kiosk!!)


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